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Probably the most persistent request received by the Northern Territory Library since its inception in 1980 is for information on Cyclone Tracy, which devastated Darwin on the night of Christmas Eve 1974. Requests come from primary and high schools students, tourists, and survivors of the ordeal and their families, to name just a few.

Cyclone Tracy continues to excite the interest of all and sundry, and the fact that this natural disaster, one of the worst in Australian history, burst on to the notice of the Australian public on Christmas Day, adds to its fascination.
It is for this reason that the Northern Territory Library decided to establish this web site, to inform people about the cyclone and its effects on Darwin, both short and long term. It is hoped that the details provided here will answer most questions people have about Cyclone Tracy, but if not, please email the Northern Territory Library and we will attempt to supply any further information needed.